Further interruption to national statistics on disability

Further interruption to national statistics on disability

ONS has suspended estimates of the number of disabled people of working age from March 2020. Without these figures, we cannot track progress on the Government’s target on the number of disabled people into jobs. This is the second suspension of the series since the LFS estimates on disabled people of working age and their economic activity status became a National Statistic. The issue is population changes brought about by Covid-19.
According to ONS

“Labour Force Survey (LFS) responses are weighted to official population projections. As the current projections are 2018-based they are based on demographic trends that pre-date the COVID-19 pandemic. We are analysing the population totals used in the weighting process and intend to make adjustments where appropriate. Rates published from the LFS remain robust; however, levels and changes in levels should be used with caution. This will particularly affect estimates for country of birth, nationality, ethnicity and disability. Consequently recent level estimates for these measures have been temporarily suspended until they are reweighted to better account for recent population movements.”

ONS continues to publish figures on employment rates and since disability@work uses the DEG and not employment levels, it continues to publish up to date figures on the DEG on its homepage.

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