Wales TUC Annual Equality Briefing September 20th 2017

Wales TUC Annual Equality Briefing  September 20th 2017

We presented the latest data on a range of indicators of disability disadvantage in the workplace and opened a discussion on how unions might work with employers to measure and monitor these indicators at the organisational level.
Disability disadvantage is often embedded but hidden in the practice and experience of work, a form of unconscious bias. If organisations don’t measure disability disadvantage at work, they don’t find it, they don’t think about it and they don’t address it.
Areas where we can work with union reps to think about measures, gaps and trends:

  • What proportion of the workforce is disabled?
  • What proportion of newly recruited staff are disabled?
  • What proportion of staff leave due to disability?
  • What is the size of the organisation’s disability pay gap?
  • Not just the pay gap: employment contracts, progression, wellbeing at work
  • Benchmarking: How does an organisation compare with the sector or the locality?

Positive feedback from Jo Rees Conference Organiser and Equality Reps Network Officer, Wales TUC
“Your presentations managed to convey what I know must be a very complex area of research in way that was accessible, engaging and relevant to everyone at the event. Many of the delegates told me how useful and informative they found your talk and that it really made them stop and think. And it was really

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